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Matching quiz type

Matching quiz type allows you to create questions that require students to pair items from two lists correctly. This format is ideal for testing associations, such as matching terms to definitions, names to descriptions, or concepts to examples. By matching the items correctly, students demonstrate their understanding of relationships between different pieces of information.

To create matching quiz question:

Open Courses Plus app, find My courses tab or button. Go to the list of courses, select the one you need or create a new one

In course editor, click on Add quiz

Fill in quiz fields - name, select type of question - Matching. If you want students to match answers, enter your question, then add options with prompts and their corresponding answers. You can also add explanations to answers. Once filled in, click Save button

By clicking on Actions > Settings button you can change quiz settings: % of correct answers for passing, button text, customer tag after quiz completion, mixing question, etc

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Updated on: 29/05/2024

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