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Sending Courses Plus emails from own email address (SMTP)

In Courses Plus Shopify app there are a lot of email notifications of various kinds:
when student receives a certificate after finishing the course;
admin notifications (reports, guides and recommendations, plan information);
Zoom lessons related notifications;
student invites to attend a course;
reports to managers;
and many other.

By default, all emails are sent by our app via: Architechpro Team <>

If you want to change sender name and email, you are able to do that using SMTP settings:

If you don't have own SMTP server set up, you can reach to your existing domain provider, or use SMTP services, such as MailGun, Postmark, Amazon SES, MailerSend. We do not recommend Gmail, as according to their documentation,
Starting on September 30, 2024, less secure apps, third-party apps, or devices that have you sign in with only your username and password will no longer be supported for Google Workspace accounts.

Once you have your SMTP set up with your provider, ask them for your:
Encryption (tls / ssl / no encryption)

And specify desired From email and From name that will appear for your admins, managers and students.

Updated on: 29/03/2024

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