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Progress tracking feature

The progress tracking is a tool that enables both learners and instructors to monitor and manage the advancement of students through their courses. It provides real-time insights into completed lessons, quizzes, assignments, and overall course progress. This feature promotes accountability, allows learners to pick up where they left off, and assists instructors in identifying areas where additional support may be needed. It enhances the overall learning experience by providing a clear view of a student's journey within the course.

There are 2 possible option to track student progress:

Directly through the Courses Plus app

You need to select course, then click on Actions > Students

In the list, find required students and then track what lessons they have completed, and you can also make the following actions: see quiz results, reset progress,
download certificate, remove access

Another option is

Go to Shopify > Customers, choose the one whose information you want to see

Click on Actions > List courses, then you'll see detailed student information on all of their courses

Students can mark their lesson progress by checking boxes within the course lessons. Additionally, they can view a course completion circle in their account to track their overall course progress

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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