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Course start date setting and reminders

In order to set Course date setting, Enterprise plan of the app will be required. Enterprise plan supports Shopify Flow triggers.

Shopify Flow app will be required to set up Shopify Flow triggers and actions:

Course date feature is useful if you'd like to start sales with your course product right away, while the start date of your course is in the future. This allows you to:
pre-sell courses, so students pay before the launch date;
indicate course start date and time in case your course, or a part of it, is offline and students need to attend it at certain date/time;
synchronize start date for your students;
you can change start date in case your course is periodic and starts once per certain period of time.

To get started, please select a course in My Courses section of Courses Plus admin:

On the right side choose Other settings:

Scroll down to Course date setting:

You can choose start date and time for each course;
set amount of hours before the start date/time you'll need Flow event to be triggered. It will allow you to run Shopify Flow actions and connect other services such as Klaviyo, Shopify Email, etc, in order to notify your customers with the information you need, or remind them that your course starts soon.

Open Shopify Flow app in your store's admin and create new Workflow:

Choose a trigger: Courses Plus ➜ Course start reminder:

Choose action that should run if it's time to notify your students about course start (X hours before course start date/time set by you). For example, you can use Klavio in order to send emails.

Klavio settings can be found in Klaviyo app instructions

Don't forget to activate the workflow. You're all set

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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