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Private courses

Private courses, within Courses Plus for Shopify, are tailored educational modules designed to provide exclusive access to curated knowledge. These courses offer a focused and personalized learning experience. Unlike public courses, private courses are available to a select group of enrolled participants and prioritize more customized educational journey. In this type of course, you manually invite students to participate. Private courses offer a controlled and personalized learning environment, where enrollment is restricted to specifically invited participants.

To create a private course, follow these steps:

Go to Shopify admin, open Courses Plus app, click Create course button

Add course title and description

Select the appropriate pricing type Private. Click Create course button

After course creation, go to Manually invite attendees menu item and click on Add attendees button

Enter students' email addresses, and then click the Invite button

After adding, you will see a list of invited students. You can also perform actions like Change enrollment date and Revoke access

In My Courses menu, you can view private courses you've created

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Updated on: 19/10/2023

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