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Setting up course managers

In order to activate course managers feature, open your Shopify admin, then Courses Plus > Settings. Find Manager settings block and enable the feature.

After the feature is enabled and required payment / plan activated, you can start adding managers to your store. In Manager settings please click Managers configuration button.

Then click Add manager and use the form to provide an email of the person you'd like to invite to become a manager.

After manager is invited, they will appear in Managers table

There are two pathways for granting licenses to managers:

Purchase the license (access) through an order
Providing the license without the need for purchase (orders), you will find the instructions by this link

The app will automatically handle manager invitation to create the account, or, if account already exists, it will be marked as manager automatically.

If needed, you can find manager dashboard page URL in this menu:

In this section:

Course managers / employees / team enrollments
Manager's dashboard
Adding licenses for managers (without orders)

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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