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Managing student information and actions via dashboard

Student details page in Courses Plus dashboard provides a streamlined and efficient way for managers to oversee student progress and perform various actions. It serves as a central hub where managers can quickly access and manage student data, ensuring each student's educational journey is tracked and supported. This tool simplifies administrative tasks, giving managers a clear overview of student achievements and enabling prompt action on any issues. Here's a detailed look at its capabilities:

Accessing student information

Managers can access detailed information about individual students, including:

Assigned Courses: Lists the courses assigned to the student.
% of Completion: Shows the completion percentage for each course.
Scores: Links to detailed scores for each course.
Certificates: Links to view or download certificates for completed courses.

Performing actions

The dashboard allows managers to perform specific actions related to student management, such as:

Reset Student's Progress:
Managers can reset progress of a student for a particular course, useful for retakes or correcting mistakes.

Summary of benefits

Centralized Management: All relevant information and actions are accessible from a single dashboard.
Efficiency: Quick access to student progress details and the ability to perform actions promptly.
Flexibility: Managers can manually adjust student progress and course completion statuses as needed.

In conclusion, dashboard provides a powerful tool for managers to effectively oversee student progress and perform essential actions, ensuring a smooth and efficient educational process.

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Updated on: 20/06/2024

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