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Courses Plus app for Shopify allows you to create subscriptions without installing additional apps on your store. This option is available in Professional and Enterprise plans.

Subscription feature offers users an option to access premium content, exclusive materials, or advanced features by subscribing to a recurring paid plan. With a subscription, learners can unlock a wide range of benefits, such as ad-free access, downloadable resources, personalized support, or access to a library of premium courses. Subscriptions typically come in various billing intervals, such as monthly or annually, giving users flexibility in choosing the plan that best suits their needs. This feature enhances the overall value of the app by providing an avenue for continuous learning and access to specialized content.

To create a subscription, follow these steps:

Go to Courses Plus app, click Create course button

Add course title and description

Select the appropriate pricing type Subscription and fill in fields - price, number of payments, frequency label etc. Click Create course button

Please note: your store should be eligible for Shopify subscriptions. To set it up, please check eligibility requirements:

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How to add subscription payment option to your course

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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