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How to add subscription payment option to your course

Courses Plus app provides subscription payments functionality on Professional and Enterprise plans. You can check your store's subscription eligibility according to Shopify documentation here.

Open the Products page → Select the needed course product

Scroll down to the Payment options block → Press Add purchase optionCreate New Option

Enter the title of the subscription plan → Set the frequency of charges and discount if needed → Choose the date of the subscription charges → Create Plan

The only thing left is to add a subscription block to your product page. Go to the Themes tab and press Customize

Press on the Home page bar at the top and select ProductsDefault product

In the Product information press Add block and select Courses + Subscriptions

The subscription block will appear beside your product, and you'll be able to change its position by dragging and dropping the block

And here is the video shows how to add a subscription block to the product page on your store

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Updated on: 30/01/2024

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