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How to add app blocks to Shopify theme

To add any of Courses Plus app blocks to your Shopify theme, follow these steps:

Go to Shopify admin > Online store > Themes. Then click Customize button.

In theme editor, locate section where you want to add block. Click on Add block to open the block selection menu.

In block selection menu, use search bar or scroll to find Courses Plus app blocks. Choose block you want to add, such as Finished courses, Private courses, or Subscription button etc.

Once added, you can configure the block’s settings according to your preferences. This may include setting visibility conditions, customizing text, and more.

After configuring block, click Save to apply the changes to your theme.

Adding these blocks can significantly enhance your Shopify store’s functionality, providing a richer experience for your customers by showcasing courses and subscription options directly on your product pages. The versatility of these blocks allows you to tailor content specifically to logged-in users, offering personalized and exclusive access to courses and subscriptions.

In this section:

Courses Plus app blocks for Shopify
Subscription block
Finished courses block
Private courses block
Course instructor block

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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