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Courses Plus app blocks for Shopify

Shopify offers a versatile platform for customizing online store, and adding app blocks can enhance its functionality significantly. Courses Plus app provides various blocks related to course management. Here’s a guide to adding and understanding these blocks in your Shopify store.

Available Blocks

Product subscription theme app block
Subscription block allows customers to easily subscribe to courses from product pages. It becomes visible when subscriptions are configured, streamlining access to ongoing courses, services, or webinars

Subscription button block
Subscription button block leads to customers' subscriptions pages. It helps users quickly view and manage their subscription status, keeping them updated on active services and upcoming renewals.

Finished courses
Finished courses block displays completed courses for logged-in users, providing a personalized record of their finished courses.

Private courses
Private courses block displays courses that are restricted to certain users. This is useful for offering exclusive content to selected customers or members.

Course instructor block
Course instructor block features detailed profiles of the course instructors. It includes information about their qualifications, experience, and areas of expertise.

Course content block
Course content block provides a summary of course curriculum, including main lessons, topics, and resources. It helps users navigate the course content and understand what they will learn.

Students' courses
Students' courses block shows courses a logged-in student is currently enrolled in. This personalized touch helps students quickly access their ongoing courses and track their progress.

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How to add app blocks to Shopify theme

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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