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Community creation

You can create your first community using a dedicated button on dashboard

This option is also available on My communities tab, then you need to click Create community button.

Then you will see community creation page. It includes such settings

Fill in community title and description

Set community access type. It can be:

Open - any user can access community without payment and registration
Free - users can access community for free, but registration is required
Paid - to join community, a one-time payment is required.

Set up price

You will also need to set up price if you select paid access type

Select who can post on this community. There are different options:

Administrators and moderators
All community members (default)

Community status can be:

Active - users will see this community
Disabled - such community will be in "draft" status

Add featured image and banner image

Featured image will be used for community avatar
Banner image is used for community page background

In this section:

Mega Community app
Getting started with Mega Community app

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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