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How to fulfill digital products and courses in Shopify

For digital products, downloads and courses we want to avoid sending any shipping related emails to customers.

In order to do this the setting "This product requires shipping" should be disabled. You can find this setting when you create products.

Shipping info email will no longer be sent to the customer when you fill out an order.

This info will be sent only if you click on the checkbox with setting “Send shipment details to your customer now“. It's disabled by default

You can watch our detailed video instruction below.

On this screencast we can see 2 orders (#1020 and #1021) with the same product purchased. The product has the "This product requires shipping" setting turned off, which is correct for digital products. Note: order should already have a customer associated with it.

For the first order (#1020) we perform fulfillment without checking “Send shipment details to your customer now“ and the customer does not receive a shipping confirmation email.

For the second order (#1021) we perform fulfillment with checked “Send shipment details to your customer now“ and as a result customer receives shipping notification email.

If you need to set up custom fulfillment rules, like auto-fulfilling digital products, while keeping manual fulfillment for physical products, please check specialized auto fulfillment apps in Shopify App Store.

Conclusion: for non-physical products (courses, digital downloads) please do not check “Send shipment details to your customer now“ when fulfilling orders.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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